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Working at Invbots
Castle Cheung
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Castle Cheung

The 1-year internship in Invbots has been a great journey for me. Being a business analyst here, I have the invaluable opportunities to engage in different industry groups and investment teams such as the Global REITs Team, Oil & Commodities Team, Pair Trade Team. The weekly meetings & presentations, various research projects and thematic analysis have significantly broaden my horizons and hone my market sense. The sharing and harmonious culture here allows me to grow exponentially. I am truly grateful for the inspiring and insightful journey in Invbots family.

Sharlene Ng
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Sharlene Ng

Throughout my half-year internship in Invbots, I gained more understanding of the investment across different asset class like REIT, Cash Equities and the technology-enabled investment by Big Data. Invbots also offer me a lot of flexibility to work on some marketing projects, shaping my knowledge from scratch.